Premiere on the music video ‘Valentine’. Beautifully filmed on top of Sørjerhesten. Cheers!

Back in August 2018 Sugarfoot, together with the band Haunted Mansions, were invited by 363MOH to play a concert at the top og the mountain Sørjerhesten.

In the early hours of August 4th all sound equiptment, backline and technicians were transported to the top by helicopter. For the rest of us, the only way to get up was a 90 minute walk. A walk that for a bunch of laidback musicians proved to be quite an ordeal. But, as you can see from this footage, the reward was spectacular. The most breathtaking backdrop imaginable for the 200 + people who had bought tickets, and of course also for the bands playing.

Credits: Film & edit: Snorre Hovdal and Dispenser Media Thanks to 363MOH for getting us up on that mountain

The Moskus Sessions and…

Hello, everyone! Let’s start by quoting one of our heroes: “Nobody told me there’d be days like these – Strange days indeed” – John Lennon

In these strange times we want to wish you well and thank you for your continued support. Nobody knows how all of this will affect us in the long run, or if it is weeks, months or even years before things are back to a new normal. But what we know for sure is that people are losing their jobs and income. Who could have imagined this just a few weeks ago?

We must all do what we can to stop spreading the Covid-19 virus, and for most of us that means staying at home, not socializing with other people. At least not face to face. Saying this we know that for a lot of businesses, clubs, artists and so on the backbone of their livelihood is the coming together of people. One way to help out is to attend the various shows streamed online. There are numerous shows coming up the following days, all over the Internet. And this is a great way to support artists who have had gigs and tours cancelled.

With that being said SF would like to thank everyone who joined us for our Moskus Sessions last night here on Facebook, or Somewhere around 9000 people have so far seen our gig from Bar Moskus. We are so humbled and grateful for your support!! Also a big shout-out to #Dora3 #BarMoskus and #CrispinGloverRecords for making this happen. We are so looking forward to getting out there again – playing gigs, going to gigs, having a laugh, hugging good friends when we meet…yeah all the normal stuff that we took for granted. Hopefully we’ll be seeing you soon. In the meantime stay safe, stay healthy and take care of each other. Much, much love from us SF

“In the Clearing” – second pressing

The second pressing of “In the Clearing” is finally here!

180G Clear & solid silver mixed/CD included. Cut out outer sleeve, housed in a silk screen printed PVC sleeve.


Dokkhuset Scene 07.06.19 – Release party – In the Clearing

Photo: Thor Egil Leirtrø

Once again, Sugarfoot’s choice of venue to celebrate the release of a new album was Dokkhuset Scene, Trondheim. It was such a great night, with a fantastic dedicated audience who stood through almost three hours of loudness.

Special guest for the night was Lars Horntveth, who has produced Sugarfoot’s latest, “In the Clearing”. Damn, what a great musician he is!!

Photo: Thor Egil Leirtrø

Thank you to everybody who came out, see you soon.

More photos from the release party : ThorEgilFoto


Clearing the Air

  For their new album, Sugarfoot left the high desert behind, in favor of an old barn in the French countryside; Studio Black Box, in Noyant-la-Gravoyère. With distractions and diversions limited to what such bucolic  isolation might offer, the band has emerged with a meticulously crafted suite of songs that somehow feel both intimate and epic. It’s a shimmery, slippery sort of album, smartly uncoiling and revealing itself like a summer breeze, and making it all seem rather effortless – which in no small part should be credited to producer Lars Horntveth.

  Elements in the production, arrangements, instrumentation, and lyrics themselves might suggest several nods to a certain summer of love we may or may not have imagined took place once. But instead of an exercise in mere nostalgia, “In The Clearing” instead suggests a sense of violent, turbulent spring. Anchoring the album is a sense of resolve, however hard fought and hard won, which is no small matter or accomplishment in these strange, dark days we find ourselves living right now.

  Further helping to make “In The Clearing” an irresistible acquisition is the elaborate packaging, centering on a cover designed by Andrew Swainson, whose previous credits include XTC, Andy Partridge, and Dead Can Dance. Even by the extravagant and occasionally deranged standards of Crispin Glover Records, this one truly stands out – as befits the liquid musical mercury within.

Sugarfoot - In The Clearing (LTD Transparent vinyl + bonus 7") 500 copies only. 
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